Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Atl Socialite and Stylist to the stars Dariel D. Pulliam has passed away today

For the last 6 hours since the news that Dariel, also known as Keyshia Cole sister Neffe BFF passed, my facebook feeds have been none stop uploads and rememberences on Dariels page. Many noting that he was "A true Angel" gone too soon. Many celebs have even gone to twitter with their shocking reactions to his passing.

Tionna Smalls "What Chilli Wants" tweeted "My life is distraught. My friend, make up artist, atl hairstylist (what chilli wants 2) Dariel Pulliam (@darielloves) has passed. May he RIP"

Singer Tiffany Evans also tweeted "Yes guys My brother/My Friend @Darielloves has passed away. That's why I'm on my way to the hospital now.Please stay encouraged."

It is specualted that a Staph infection may be the cause of death, according to sources and close friends on twitter.

I didn't know Dariel personally but we were facebook friends for a while and chatted a few times. I was absoultely in awe by this man, loved his style and determination. A friend of mine was at a party down ATL and Dariel was there and I absolutetly freaked, begged her to put him on the phone and then freaked out and hung up when she did! Then later hit him on facebook and asked him to do my makeup.lol

I can honestly say that I was in shock when I got on facebook and seen the news. I'm going to definitely miss his inspirational post always telling people to "to be themselves" and fabulous picture uploads of him; celebs, events, makeup and hair that he did. Lord knows that man could "beat" a face.
Prayers go out to his family and significant other Demond.

To learn more about Dariel go to www.darielpulliam.com

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