Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Justice for Baby Caylee (Part2)

So I feel like my first post was a little watered down and now that I sit here with my mother and talk about the Casey Anthony Verdict the emotions that I have about the case have all come back.
So here is what I have to say about the verdict,

#1. The Jury said that there is NO evidence on how the child was killed and therefor there should be no conviction.
My issue with this statement is that me like most of the world believe that there was PLENTY of evidence.
#1. She didn't report her child missing until 30 days later.
#2. During that time she was partying like a wild woman.
#3. When she finally did report her missing she lied and said that she was with a Nanny.
#4. Casey lied and told her mom that she that she was going on a business trip and that the "nanny"and her friend where going as well and that her friends child and Casey would be ok(as if Casey was with her on the trip).
#5. She didn't notify the police because she was investigating the disappearance of her own child and was scared (RED FLAG)

#6. The smell of chloroform was found in her car and was also in the search engine on her computer, it was also found on baby Caylee's body (RED FLAG).

Now these are 6 things I have listed that Casey Anthony has done or lied about before the trial and I cannot understand why any of that is not being held against her.

The reason I believe she got away with MURDER is everything that had happen leading up to the trial the more and more lies such as, her being molested by her father, Caylee drowning in the pool and her being scared, her father helping her hide the body, Casey's brother being tested for paternity of Caylee, I believe ALL of these diverted the attention of the REAL case and somewhat painted Casey Anthony as an innocent scared mother whose child mysteriously disappeared and not the actual KILLER that she is.

Even Casey's actions in jail was clear that she has some type of mental issues, during one video interview she appeared to be going in and out of moods telling her dad that he was the "best" father on one tape and then on the next being upset with her parents and painting herself as the "Victim".

My mothers opinion is that they should put a "GAG" order on her which will prevent her form doing book deals, discussing anything, doing interviews, or receiving ANY cash rewards for discussing the case. Even though that SHOULD happen, I HIGHLY doubt it sad to say but Casey Anthony is going to become a MILLIONAIRE off the death of her daughter.

How can she live with that? I wonder what her parents truly feel since they were seeing leaving the courtroom looking a little more than sad and upset about the verdict.
Casey how will you live with yourself? Who is going to accept you the Monster that you are? A woman who yearned to be FREE abd accepted by the WORLD will now be a modern day Quasimodo.

Dear Mommy.. I see you smiling down there below... are those tears of Joy you show? I'm glad you're happy, although you Lied, I'd Love to be right by your side.. But by your choice I view from above, tell my Grandparents that I send my Love. It's beautiful here is all I can say.. Your life will go on, without me in your way.. Love Caylee εїз


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