Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life changes over a year

Wassup! There have been soooo many things on my mind that I have been wanting to blog about, but can never bring myself too it! As you know, this blog is not just about my interest, but about myself as well so a lot of the things that I share on this blog are very deep and personal to me.

Lately I haven't been blogging as such due to some personal health things that I have been dealing with, which I really want to bring some awareness to...eventually.

Well...since my last relationship post, over a year ago...I have since moved on from that relationship and am cohabitating with my current Man   ٩๏̯͡)۶  ←(insert ridiculous expression here).

Around thanksgiving of 2011 I had actually found out after weeks of not talking too that my <3 (link to prev relationship article) had been hospitalized for a brain aneurysm a couple days before. I found out by his "new" girlfriend.

It has been 8 months and he is still in the hospital. I hunted his brother down via FB and I keep in touch with <3 lost his sight, memory, and ability to walk. Last update was that he had taken his first steps a few weeks ago. It really baffles me that a man who I have been on and off with for 8 years can possibly look me in the face and not remember me at all. I still have yet to see him...not sure if I can actually.

So that's what I have been dealing with over this last year as well as my new relationshipღ웃, living together, transferring schools, taking a semester off,  etc. 

So that's the changes that have been up with me..what about you?


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