Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Evelyn Lozada (Johnson) files for divorce

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So following a domestic violence incident 3 days ago between Chad Johnson (formerly OchoCinco) and his wife of 40 days Evelyn Lozada she has now filed for divorce earlier today. The news broke about the domestic violence incident which left Evelyn with a head laceration due to an alleged "Head Butt"  and Chad arrested (now out on $2,000. bail).

According to Vibe.com  issues arose when Lozada confronted Chad about a receipt for 'Condoms' that she had found in the car. The argument got heated when she confronted him and then head butted her an ran off. New details are now surfacing as the 911 call has been released and Chads rep has confirmed that she has filed for divorce.

Johnson was also cut from the Dolphins and their VH1 show together that was suppose to air in Sept has been cancelled. Damn!

Celebs have already taken to twitter speaking out about the incident including Lozada's EX BFF's husband @EricWilliams, who has the #hastag #KNOT trending now as he has made fun of the situation.

Click here to see Erics Tweets to @EvelynLozada

@JenniferWilliams has remained silent about the situation only tweeting subliminally that she was "Sending my love....Praying for you" on the day of the incident. We can only assume that was towards Lozada, since no one knows the statues of their relationship since the B-Ball Wives reunion.

Evelyn Lozada made a statement earlier saying that "Domestic violence is NOT OK".

All I have to say is this...for the same woman who jumps on tables, bullies another woman, and promotes fights on her own TV show to say that domestic violence is NOT OK, is NOT OK.

Prayers out to Evelyn and Chad, hopefully they get their lives together and Evelyn recognizes that KARMA exist...what you put in the Universe indeed will return!


Also Condolences, Evelyns brother in law passed away...smh when it RAINS it POURS.

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