Monday, March 21, 2011

Relationships....trying something different!

Well here we go.

I'm in a relationship now. After 7 years me and my ♥ have decided to give us another chance. I met ♥ in 2004 one day when I was sitting on my porch chattin with my sister and the neighbors (I remember exactly what he had on). He was coming from behind these houses across the street with a friend that I had known for a while(no it wasn't anything illegal or freaky). Not to sound cliche but I couldn't take my eyes off him! 1st of all I had known his friend for a while and was wondering why he had never brought him around and 2nd he was too fly! So I told his friend/my homie to see whatsup. Actually my sister might have set it up because I'm pretty sure cat still had my tongue!

We talked on the phone, hit it off and began dating after a few months. At the time I felt like he was the best thing that have ever happened to me. I loved him so much, with every fiber of my being. I had a first love before, but this was different. It felt real and genuine. He mad me smile, laugh, cry. I just knew that we were it!

& then came the drama!

Every relationship has its freakin drama! The phone calls from females, the arguing, crying, ready to scrap in the street, we went from being on cloud 9 to being slapped back into reality real quick. So to say the least we only lasted 6 months =(. My ♥ was gone.

After we broke up I didn't see or hear from him for a whole year not until 2006. And every since then up until now we have just been friends. We lost contact a few times from 2006-now but we always seem to pick up where we left off nomatter what. I had his phone # etched in my brain and would randomly call and see if he was there. He would come to my mothers job and try to get in contact with me. We would always find each other...


It just seems right. Us giving ♥ another try. Many would say that we are meant to be together based on the way that things have turned out. He def feels that way.

I know this time around I'm defintely going about it a LOT different. First and foremost we have God as the head of our relationship. Neither one of us is perfect but I know putting God first in out relationship we won't fail. We're taking our time to get to know each other again on a more intimate level. Before we didn't do that because we were so young. When he told me that he really wanted to be with me, marry me, etc, I told him to pray about it. I've heard the whole "I want to Marry you" confession before and even coming from our history I still wasn't sure. & today only time will tell.

So far it has been so good considering the distance between us. Me being at school and him home. It's not perfect and I don't expect it to be, we're just taking one day at a time.

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