Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dark Girl,My experience.

So I know I may be late but i just watched the trailer for the 'Dark Girls' documentary and I have to say that it definitely stirred up a lot of emotions. I could relate to each and every woman on the documentary. I can remember the painful days of name calling, getting bullied, having low self esteem, and feeling worthless all because of the color of my skin. The names, Darky, Tar baby, Blacky, Black, poop, etc were all too real for me when I was kid most of the name calling coming from family and people that I considered 'Friends'.

When I moved with my grandmother and older sister I was to NOT like light-skin women and that all 'lightskin' women thought that they were better than you and that they are the competition. I was told that because I was dark skin that I would have to work 10x's harder to get the attention of guys, befriend girls, and to be noticed at all. I had to be the flyest, flirtiest, sexiest at all times.

I noticed a lot growing up that when you would see a dark skin girl in a group of light skins girls she would have on all the latest gear the name plate jewelery & earrings, the newest J's and Apple bottom jeans, etc. Since I was basically poor and a dirtball growing up I knew that I most likely wouldn't be able to compete with the baddest light skin or darskin girl.

One thing that really stuck out to me in the documentary is when one woman said that most of the attention that dark skin girls receive is sexual and I can sooo agree with that. I have a previous post on my blog asking why is it that dark skin women have to be half naked to be considered 'sexy'. If you notice the darksin women that men lust over are Buffy the Body, Bria Myles, Serena Williams (ass), a fully clothed dark skin women does not get half the attention that a half naked one would get. Most of my experience with men when I was younger was very sexual. I had a light skin best friend who guys would choose over me and then behind closed doors they would reveal to me that I was the one that they really wanted, they would even admit that she wasn't that cute but she was light skin and that was all that mattered.

What really baffles me with this is when did the light skin, green eyed, long hair woman become the standard of beauty in the black community? Especially amongst our brothas.

I am personally grateful that I now have friends and men who love dark skin women and are not that superficial. Most men think that me and my friends are beautiful, most of us being darker complected.

I always said that when I had children that I wanted them to be dark, beautiful chocolate babies and I would show them that they are beautiful and uplift them. We can't expect our children to go out into the world and receive the love that we are too lazy to give. We can't expect them to grow up and just know how to love themselves we have to guide them and show them. Tell your child that they are beautiful at home and they will go out into the World believing that.

I feel sorry for women that are still going through this and continue to suffer and feel as if there complexion is a burden.

Check out the Dark Girl preview below:

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

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