Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Advice for the Day!

Guys...if you have a GOOD woman...NEVER put yourself in a position w/ a BAD one to ruin what you have! You're with the woman you're with for a reason, leave the PAST in the PAST and move forward w/ your lady. Whoever didn't have you or keep you when they did have you does NOT deserve you, regardless of how SEXY they are, how good the SEX, was or how they made you feel! Don't risk messing up a GOOD thing for a moment of gratification or attention! #LoveYourGOODwomanRight
::sn:: A good woman is HARD to find, and once she's GONE, shes GONE! Instead of working on TRYING to get her BACK, work on what you GOT! It's harder to get her back once you lose her, than to KEEP her once you've got her! 


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