Friday, June 29, 2012

Mary Mary opened my eyes!

 Erica and Tina Campbell better know as gospel recording artists 'Mary Mary' debuted their own reality TV show March 29, 2012 on WE TV. The show gives an insight into the personal and professional lives of the stars. We get to see the women deal with every day life demands as mothers, wives, gospel artist and women of God.

I have to say watching this season of Mary Mary has definitely been life changing for me. It opened my eyes to the life of Godly women, Gospel artist, etc and how they are no different than us. Now many people may think "Well duh' they aren't any diff, however to see that on TV drives it home.
 Most of us who attend church or have pastor, ministry advisors don't get to see their everyday lives or are let in on what they deal with.  A lot of people in the church try to present themselves as the ultimate "Holy walk of faith not tempted by the evil special ticket to heaven" kind of people and that's just not real.
It was o beautiful to see Erica and Tina interact with each other, their husbands and children. It really showed that although they are Gospel artist that they have the same desires, wants, needs, shortcomings, battles in life that many of us who are on the walk or off the walk have.

Most expect a huge life change when they get closer to their creator and for some a huge life change is needed and then for others it's just a matter of making adjustments. God/Allah/Jah made you so they intended for you to be exactly who your are, personality, desires, passion, however they want want you to be who you are in them. That's they key to it all.

My hustles, my ambition, my personality has all been molded by my upbringing and so I can't change that and I wouldn't want to, but I can trust in my creator to enhance it. To take a lesson from my ancestors to enhance my all goes hand in hand.

If you haven't checked out Mary Mary on We...check it out replays of the first season here 

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